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House of Rowan is an interior design consultancy that puts our clients at the centre of every decision we make. We don’t slavishly follow trends or recreate pictures from glossy magazines. Instead our focus is on the client, and understanding who they are and how they live..

We blend the old with the new, and will help you see previously neglected treasures through new eyes. We will help you to design a home that tells your story, that showcases your loves, your travels, your origins, but that remains perfectly in tune with how you live your life now.



Our Name


In European mythology the Rowan tree was thought to have magical powers which safeguarded against malevolent beings. Not only did it have these powers of strength and protection, but also it was very beautiful. It was these associations that we drew on when we chose our name as we wanted to create beautiful, real and inspiring homes, where people also feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.


House of Rowan is the creation of Lizzet Belcher, a KLC trained interior designer with a background in furniture design and retail.  With a strong belief that everyone has a story to tell, she set up her own design consultancy. Lizzet’s approach promises to create interiors that are not only inspiring and beautiful, but also totally aligned with the person or people who live and work there. 


It is your home.  Let it speak about you.


Working with Lizzet to create our wonderful home office was an absolute joy, she really took the time to listen to us and establish what we really wanted. Often bringing unexpected elements to the design that we would never have thought of yet work perfectly, and truly reflect our way of life.
— Sarah M.
Lizzet was the first interior designer we have worked with and we really did not know what to expect. From the first meeting we were guided through the entire design process and always felt at ease with Lizzet’s approach. Thank you for you patience and really taking the time to deliver a truly wonderful kitchen that has become the real heart of our home.

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